Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Movies: Talk To Me

I had intended to see this movie in the theater and never quite got around to it, so I was pretty thrilled to find it listed as one of the gazillion (okay, 3o or 40) films offered on my Virgin Atlantic flight to Delhi (along with all the free liquor you want; there's really no reason to fly any other airline). As you know, that flight was a while ago, and since I was too busy traveling and writing about traveling to take a few and write about this movie, my memory is a little fuzzy. What I do remember is that it was great, the soundtrack was great, Don Cheadle was great, and I laughed and then I cried. I can't say that it was perfect, because it collapsed in the end, as so many biopics do, at the point that Petey couldn't cope with the pressure of a degree of fame he hadn't ever wanted. Here's a cliche that I wish filmmakers wouldn't so often rely upon to bring their plots to climax, although a true story is a true story, I suppose, and one can only work within the confines of what actually happened.

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