Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dance: Dance Brazil

I was training in capoeira for about six months before I found out that the constant, throbbing pain in my right shoulder was a tear in my supraspinatus and a bout of raging bursitis, and had to temporarily quit (I am still in quit-mode, and my athletic activities are now limited to these lame rotator cuff exercises that I have to do with a green stretchy piece of rubber). So, going to see Dance Brazil, where twenty steamy young Brazilians, whose bodies demonstrate what God had in mind when God created bodies, slink and slip and jump and kick and do such acrobatic feats as turn cartwheels without hands, made me more sad than anything, except for maybe angry that I couldn't go to class the next day and get my inspired ass kicked by my inspired teacher (who was also at the show). They did a few little samba pieces, too, but for some reason I wasn't at all inspired to go take a samba class (even though that would probably be a lot more safe for my shoulder). I just really want, more than anything right now, to be able to glide and slip and flip like these people. They are amazing.

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