Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Postcards from New Zealand: Day Forty-Four

Today, our hosts gave us a lettuce. Robin had been asking for a few days, "Do you want a lettuce?", and I admit to being a bit confused as to why they would be in possession of a lettuce they did not want. There was also some linguistic confusion arising from the phrase "a lettuce," rather than just "lettuce," "some lettuce," or "a head of lettuce," but that was secondary. But when, today, he gave me the lettuce, I realized it had grown in their garden. Food that you have grown yourself in your backyard is still a bit foreign to me. That said, it was a beautiful lettuce: a pale, pearly green, with long, gentle* leaves that were surprisingly crisp for their delicacy.

*I know it seems quite odd to describe a lettuce leaf as gentle, but if you had held this lettuce, you would understand.

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