Thursday, April 22, 2010

Postcards from New Zealand: Day Thirty-Nine

Today, Aldo drove into the city on his own and I stayed home with some friends who had their own vehicle. I was going to take the train into the city on my own, but they realized they needed to go in as well for an errand, so I caught a ride with them. They're visiting from the States as well, so they had rented a van with a bed and kitchenette in back, so that they can sleep on the road (I'm not hearty enough for that, I don't think). The van only technically seats two, so for the 30 minute drive into the city, I swayed back and forth on the edge of their bed, feeling mildly seasick.

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Tigerlily said...

Got this card today, which lead me here (thus explaining my sudden flood of comments). What a great idea!