Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Postcards from New Zealand: Day Forty-Five

Here is another washing story, as Wednesday is wash day. I was more excited to do wash than usual today, since I had bought more clothespins at the Pak'n'Save. This would enable me to hang all the underpants and all the socks and all the shirts and all the pants all in neat rows all at one time, rather than having to take half-dry things inside to finish drying because I ran out of pins and the wind was to strong to hang clothes without them. Everything was going well until I took in our white bed sheet, which had been, yes, pooped on by a bird, twice. Despite the aesthetic pleasure of socks with socks, and underpants with underpants, marching in rows on the line, bird poop casts a vote for the environmentally unfriendly dryer. If the environment cared to be a bit more mindful of my wash, I would be willing to reconsider.

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