Friday, April 9, 2010

Postcards from New Zealand: Day Twenty-Six

Today, I learned a new sport, devised by languishing mountain climbers and called slacklining, in which you string up a flat bungee cord between two trees, about three feet off the ground, and then walk across it. Of course, I'm not actually strong enough to hop up onto the cord on my own, but I spent the afternoon trying to balance on it, first one foot, then the other. Later, in the car, I could feel the wobble underneath my ungrounded feet, the way you do when you step off a boat.


CK said...

People did this at UW all of the time. USF undergrads also heart this activity. So I associate it with the under 20 crowd - making it sort of odd that you and Aldo would participate.

Tigerlily said...

Scott's grad school friends in Santa Cruz do this on the beach all.the.time during the summer.